Johanne Riegels Østergård

Johanne Riegels Østergård

Vice Chair

  • Member of the Board since 2016 

  • Vice chair since 2017 

  • Member of the Nomination Committee 

  • Born in 1971 

  • Danish 

  • Non-independent board member due to association with major shareholder 



Other directorships: 

JRO ApS (Founder and MD), Stensbygaard Fonden (CB), Design Eyewear Group International A/S (VCB), Design Eyewear Investment A/S (VCB), Design Eyewear Investment II (VCB), and Green Box A/S (VCB), A/S Motortramp (BM and MD), D/S Orients Fond (BM), Ejendomsselskabet Amaliegade 49 A/S (BM), Epoke A/S (BM), Epoke Investment II A/S (BM), Epoke Investment III A/S (BM), Ejen

Board competencies: 

General management, financial and business insight as well as detailed knowledge of NORDEN’s values and history 

Most recently re-elected in 2024. Term expires in 2025.  


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