Solution to decarbonise customers’ supply chains off to a good start


NORDEN’s carbon insetting solution has been off to a good start with the first deal completed and a continued strong interest among current and potential new customers. 

Earlier this year, NORDEN launched a carbon insetting solution – through a Book & Claim system - to support the decarbonisation of its customers’ supply chains by bridging emission reductions made on NORDEN’s biofuel voyages with customers looking to reduce emissions. 

“We are pleased to see that our carbon insetting initiative has been well received and that we are able to continue to provide our customers with yet another solution, supporting their efforts to decarbonise their supply chains,” says Henrik Røjel, Head of Decarbonisation and Climate Solutions at NORDEN.   

Today, the supply of low-carbon fuels such as biofuel is limited both in terms of production and geographic availability. With the solution, NORDEN is able to offer customers with an efficient and cost-effective alternative, that doesn’t require the customer to change its trading routes or operations to bunker low-carbon fuels to reduce emissions.   

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